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"Our students speaking English and/or Chinese naturally, effectively, and quickly, is our goal" 


The World's most spoken languages: English & Chinese at Giantbugs!

Foundation Course

Class Names: Ants, Spiders, Caterpillars 

Student Age: All ages


Learning Focus: Students in our Foundation Program begin their mastery of the  English language by practicing native pronunciation and intonation through American standard phonics studies. They master all alphabet letters, age-level high frequency & vocabulary words and proper phrases. Foundation level students use weekly oral english review time, language arts games, songs and storytelling activities to practice expressing English in sentences.  At the core, students at this level develop a love for storytelling and become independent emergent readers! 

Classes are typically 38 weeks in length and administered: 


once a week for 2 hours each class.

twice a week for 1 hour each class.

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Courses Details


This class is an initial English exposure class and is based on learning through Four-Subject Corners of activity play (Literacy, Imagination, Natural Science and Basic Math).  The children learn through group class, independent play, songs and structured activities.  By the end of the course, the students will begin to build their foundation of basic vocabulary, literacy, logic, dexterity as well as their understanding of the natural world.



This class is an intro to the alphabet, vocabulary and basic storytelling class.  By the end of this class, students will be able to say, sing, read & trace all capital and lower case alphabet letters.  They will become familiar with a larger index of vocabulary related to the alphabet and will use their vocabulary in songs, activities,sentences and chants.  In addition, they will begin the habit of listening and responding to story time.  They will learn how to flip through and talk about images in their own books  and use storybook words and phrases to answer comprehension questions. 



This class is a phase 2 emergent reading class, designed for students to complete their basic phonics study through the  synthesis of 3 to 6 letter words, continue to practice proper writing forms and basic reading comprehension.  Students will learn basic skills in grammar.  They will be able to find details of a book as well as comprehend, inquiry, analyze and retell content from stories using complete and proper sentences.  In addition, students will be able to read & recite Grade 1 site words while continuing to learn weekly English phrases.  By the end of the course, students should be able to read Grade Level 1 Emergent Readers text with purpose and understanding, write proper sentences and be able to recognize and name basic nouns and verbs.  Students of this level will have studied 180-200 high frequency words and 390 phonics and vocabulary-based words.


Reading and Conversation Course

Class Names: Grasshopper, Butterfly, Beetle, Praying Mantis

Student Age: All ages

Through the use of picture books, chapter books and classics in North American children's literature, Giantbugs' Reading Program students improve their oral, reading, writing and comprehension skills.  By the end of the course, they gain more confidence in speaking and heightened development in their critical thinking and independent problem solving skills. Classes are typcially 34 weeks in length and are administered once a week for 2 hours each class.  


once a week for 2 hours each class.

twice a week for 1 hour each class.

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Courses Details


The Grasshopper class caters to readers who have just acquired the foundational skills for reading. Students are beginning to read beginning level children’s literature. Students begin to acquire daily oral language taken from the story being read. Students are introduced to the basics of English grammar, focusing on a new concept with each new book. Through topic discussions and related project work, students are able to engage and develop their reading skills in a more personal way. They read 10 books total and master an average of 300 words.



This class caters to developing readers and continues to build on student’s vocabulary knowledge through more advanced language features. Through reading, students analyze what they know, want to know and comprehend about the story. They acquire grammar skills such as the four types of sentences, subjects & predicates, proper punctuation, etc.. Students engage in topic-focused discussions on the reading materials and construct book reports that improve their writing skills and creativity. They read 10 books total and master an average of 300+ words.



This classes caters to intermediate readers. The class sessions continue to build higher-level vocabulary, reading comprehension, analysis & grammar-based skills for the intermediate reader. The Beetles course tends to be one of the most writing-intensive courses in the Giantbugs Reading Stream. Students continue to engage in topic discussion and create literature-based projects to expand their writing skills and creativity. Students of this class read with more expression, fluency and intonation.


 Praying Mantis   

This class caters to advanced readers. Students acquire more complex writing comprehension skills, firmer understandings of how to construct a short essay and a deeper range of understanding of grammar concepts. Students are expected to formulate more inquiry based questions in class and engage in more advanced discussions on character analysis and story details. Students of this class read faster with more advanced expression, fluency and intonation.


Courses Details