Giantbugs is a language center that has started in China, Shanghai with a different idea and a new methodology. Focusing on English and Chinese languages, we have developed a natural and fun way to teach adults and children (from 3 years old on), respecting our students necessity and helping them comprehend and interact with the world.


Founded by two teachers that gained experiences along the years, developing a unique teaching methodology offering beyond teaching English or Chinese, artistic, musical, cooking and role-play activities, immersing our students into the history and culture of the language.


Our values are based on compromising with the truth and ethics, always keeping focus on our internal and external clients, improving the quality of our teaching methodology.


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Cabo Aylson Simoes Street, 395, room 501, Vila Velha - ES - 29100-320

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I am Ademir, I have a teaching qualification of North American English proficiency certificate. Expert in children’s education, however I teach grammar, pronunciation and reading comprehension classes. Graduated at UFES under English Language and Literature Major, I have international certificates and also speak Chinese language.

你好!Hello! I'm Michael. Do you want to visit China? Live, work or study there? Perhaps living in the USA? I have taught English and Chinese (Mandarin) since 2010 and I am always available to help you improve your English/Chinese, abilities in conversation, grammar, fluency and pronunciation. Expert in North-American English and many international certificates.

I am Adele, I love Brazil and I am crazy for traveling. I am an English teacher, I have lived and travelled to many countries. I have taught English for over 10 years, firstly teaching in Taiwan and recently in China. I am a qualified teacher and I have passion for teaching and helping my students improve their English. I’m friendly and patient.



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