How it Works

Learn English or Chinese at an online classroom in our modern and hi-tech teaching platform.

You and your teacher will meet at an online classroom

At Giantbugs, you have the opportunity to learn English and Chinese, always in small groups. Thus, you can practice your English/Chinese for longer time, while you talk with other students and teachers. Also, you have the special attention from your teacher, he will help you improve your grammar and pronunciation.

Practice Makes Perfect

All of our classes and courses are well planned and developed by our teachers, considering the most frequent words in English and Chinese, to garantee that you learn the language based on daily life situations. Also, there are modern teaching tools to help you learn and have fun at the same time, through videos, games and much more. 

Qualified teachers, reduced numbers of students in each group, multimedia lessons and an academic program focused on practice and conversation.

Then you will be able to practice your English anytime, while you talk to other students and teachers. Moreover, you will get a special attention from one of our teachers to help you with grammar and pronunciation.

Much More Contents


Giantbugs has a community for all students with many videos, articles, tips that are posted every day to enrich your English. Our teachers work hard and efficiently to offer the best content in English and Chinese.


What are the advantages? 


Your Rhythm

a dynamic method that helps you evolve in a very comfortable speed: are you in a hurry? Enroll to an “intensive” course, studying more hours every day. Choose your monthly plan! 


You are the focus

a customized course, elaborated according to your knowledge, interests and goals, for you to learn what you are interested in, but regarding what is essential.


Unlimited Classes 

unlimited classes, available 24 hours, all of our teachers have international certificates, more than 5 years teaching experience, have lived abroad: they will make you have a direct contact with language, interactive lessons in addition to practices, activities and more. 


From basic to fluency

a 100% online course, perfect to those who want to start, as well as those who want to practice conversation.



High-tech teaching performance

planned classes in a high-tech platform that helps you improve comprehension to speed up good results. 


Wherever you are

an easy-to-use platform, accessible from your computer, tablet or cellphone, and wherever and whenever you want to.